Paper Trail Assignment

This site was designed to showcase the research process via an assignment conducted in USF’s Teaching Information Literacy course: LIS 5937.
According to the course syllabus and postings on USF’s Blackboard, the assignment consists of 6 steps. They include the following:
  1. Step One, Introductory Research (brainstorming to assist in arriving at a research question, checking general reference tools for suggestions, concept mapping, and outline to include both major and subtopics)
  2. Step Two, Research Journal – this will consist of a journal students will keep listing all the steps taken as we go through the research process (both successes and failures). This process will help students identify weaknesses and strengths of the research process.
  3. Step Three, Annotated Bibliography of Sources Used:  Using ACRL and AASL Standards, students will identify the ability to find, evaluate and use information sources effectively and presenting them concisely.  Resources, in a variety of formats (books, professional articles, websites, experts, etc.) are to be included.  A minimum of 15 to 20 items are to be used.
  4. Step Four, Annotated Bibliography of Sources not Used:  Students are to create an annotated list of 10-15 items that were not used and an indication as to why they were not included in the project.
  5. Step Five, Physical Proof of Searches:  Students are to scan copies (printouts, photo copies) of the results of the searches done in all reference tools (catalogs, web search engines, periodical databases, title pages of books, articles web sites).  These should be in the reflections of the students’ annotated bibliographies.
  6. Step Six, Physical Results of Miscellaneous Sources: Students are to include items gathered from other sources such as agencies, institutions, experts, organizations and associations.  Items may include flyers, brochures, pamphlets, documented interviews and other miscellaneous materials you find to support your topic.
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