Paper Trail Assignment

Step Five

Step Five, Physical Proof of Searches:  Students are to scan copies (printouts, photo copies) of the results of the searches done in all reference tools (catalogs, web search engines, periodical databases, title pages of books, articles web sites).

The School District of Hillsborough County’s IDEAS Network snapshot – as you can see, there are several folders with a plethora of information for educators to use.

The following is a published document addressing the myOn Reader initiative:

Interviews/Interaction w/peers:


The following are samples of many of the reference items that can be found in our physical and electronic collections at my school:

Gale Publishing


Grolier Publishing, titles that would be useful for Social Studies and Science information literacy lessons include such reference titles as:

      • Library of the Oceans
      • Weather Watch, A Month-by-Month Guide to World Weather
      • The World Around Us
      • Being Human
      • Colonial America
      • The Revolutionary War
      • The Grolier Library of Science Biographies
      • The Grolier Library of World War I, The Grolier Library of World War II
      • The Presidents
      • Young Nation
      • The Grolier Library of Environmental Concepts and Issues
      • Land Shapes
      • Earth Science Discovering the Secrets of the Earth
      • Physical Matters!


The Associated Press Library

One of the many sites I visited:

Sample from one of the textbook sites:

Holt Science and Technology Life, Earth, Physical ©2007

Holt Science & Technology combines the content you need with an accessible design, student-friendly narrative, and vivid visuals.

Explore This Book:
Life Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Program Resources


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